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The Web Growth Code Podcast

Dec 23, 2020

Show Notes:

This is the 5th episode in the we speak trout podcast launch public process. We are securing our hosting and getting more episodes ready to go this week.

Show Notes  

01:00 - Go to

01:20 - Clay from  the Fish Nerds Podcast was on the podcast

05:30 - Nick from Hindenburg Journalist was on the podcast to talk about audio editing

07:30 - I noted the 30 day start a podcast challenge.

What we Completed last week
Fish nerds episode is ready to go
We finished the podcast artwork

We also completed the logo

Tasks this week for We Speak Trout:
Setup a bank for the business that works for US and Canada.
Setup hosting through Libsyn before the end of the year.
We own - Need to setup the Wordpress website
Get 8 podcast recorded, edited and ready to roll


I shed some light on where we are at with the We Speak Trout new podcast launch plan.   We will be setting up the bank, setting up hosting, setting up the website, and getting 8 podcast episodes recorded and ready to go.

I share some details on why it's good to have 2 months of podcast schedules out and why Libsyn will be our host of choice.  I also touch on the items we finished from last week including our artwork.