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The Web Growth Code Podcast

May 20, 2020

Show Notes:

Dave Jackson shares his best tips to help you launch and grow your podcast including some tips on when to post your first episode.   We talk about how to find sponsors for your show and some good and not so good podcast hosting companies.


Show Notes with Dave jackson

05:25 - I noted Pat Flynn who started the Smart Passive Income podcast back in 2008 and was a big mentor for me in 2014.

10:10 - Profit From Your Podcast is Dave’s new book that should be out soon.

12:10 - We talk about Fish Nerds Podcast and Clay Groves podcast on fishing.

13:50 - The best microphone for under $100 is the Samson Q2U. 

16:00 - The School of Podcasting walks you through the steps to launching a new podcast.

18:15 - or Canva can help you get your podcast artwork ready to roll.

24:40 - We talk about Captivate and Buzzsprout and the differences between some of the podcast hosts. 

27:00 - The Mark Maron episode with President Obama

30:25 - Dave’s video on Anchor and the best podcast hosts out there.

40:20 - The Stacking Benjamins Podcast and what hearing no should mean to you.

49:10 - We talked about and my Sam Kabart from the Clone Yourself Podcast who shares the steps to getting started with a VA.

53:10 - The Yoast SEO Plugin is a must have on your website.  

57:50 - Dave is sponsored by Focus Right.

58:40 - I note the Joe Rogan podcast and the sponsorship model.

1:02:00 - Hindenburg is a software that is made for journalist and is what I now use for my editing.  Audacity is one of the most common free editing software. 

1:04:05 - Descript is a new software that transcribes your audio file and deletes the filler words if needed.

1:08:00 - Super Fans by Pat Flynn is a great book and resource about growing your influence.

1:10:20 - Podcast Fest and Podcast Movement are the biggest events and a couple that I'll be attending soon.

1:11:17 - Van Halen with David Lee Roth is Dave’s goto band in this show.

You can find Dave Jackson at the School of Podcasting.


Resources Noted in the Show

The Samson Q2U is the best microphone for under $100

President Obama with Mark 

What you need to launch your podcast

Who are you talking to
Why are you doing the podcast
Know what format
What tech you need
Need to setup a website
Need a media host like Libsyn
Need artwork 
Submit your show 30 days prior to your launch date

Conclusion with Dave Jackson

The Podcast Hall of Famer, Dave Jackson, gives us some insight on launching and growing a podcast.  Dave also works for Libsyn and has tons of great content online and on the pod.  

Show Notes: