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The Web Growth Code Podcast

Jun 10, 2020

Show Notes:


Michael O’neal, the host of the Solopreneur hour podcast is on to share some great tips and stories about building a brand online.  We find out how to become a pro, the six mistakes to avoid as a pro podcaster and some automation hacks that will keep you going strong.


Show Notes with Michael O’neal

02:30 - Michael’s rennch site is where he renovates old Porsche's .

05:30 - Michael hung out with Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income early on in his online career.

09:45 - We talk about Kartra and the resource of what they do.

13:55 - Here’s the video of the Six Huge Podcast mistakes to avoid.

18:00 - Traffic and Conversion conference and Ryan Levesque's book Ask were noted here.  

19:35 - Art of the Interview is Michael's course.

22:45 - Derek Halpern from Social Triggers

23:35 - Social Jukebox is a good tool for sharing old content.

27:15 - I note Hindenburg and the power for editing your podcast.  You can take a look at Hindenburg Pro here.

29:35 - Here are a couple of the automations that Michael has on youtube.

31:15 - Conference Topia is another of Michael’s resources online.

39:00 - The Sexy 7 Books that Michael Recommends

41:45 - Steve Simms and Blue Fishing was a great book

55:15 - Snarky Puppy and a few other key drummers

57:00 - PodFest and Social Media Marketing World and Traffic and Conversion in San Diego

You can find Michael at the SoloPreneur Hour


Resources Noted in the Show

Ask by Ryan Levesqu

Blue Fishing by Steve Simms

Videos Noted in the Show

6 Huge Mistake to Avoid


Six Mistakes that will kill your podcast

The Sexy 7 Must Have Books


Conclusion with Michael

Michael shares some of his best tips on automation and productivity, podcasting, branding and a lot more.  Find out how to introduce your guest correctly and why it's so important.  If you do these things right, the pros will notice and you will get better guests.

Show Notes: