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The Web Growth Code Podcast

May 22, 2023

Show Notes:

Are you ready to break the web with Jason Berkowitz as he shares his expert insights on SEO optimization?

Jason shares his story on what his agency has going on and what he's focusing on right now.  We find out how to optimize long-tail search terms, how to get some tips on building links, and how to get organic traffic going on your website. 

Plus, we find out what Content Harmony is all about. Turn up your earbuds and enjoy today's episode with Jason.

SEO Optimization Show Notes with Jason Berkowitz

01:49 - Jason initially got into SEO and online marketing when he had his own business he was trying to grow. He was a personal trainer before officially launching his agency, Break The Web, in 2017.

07:34 - Jason talks about his agency and their process. Their goal is to make it easier for in-house marketing teams by providing clarity and guidance on foundational SEO elements such as optimizing the site, conducting keyword research, and building backlinks for trust factors.

08:40 - When it comes to keywords, it's important to not just focus on high search volume keywords and consider long tail versions that have higher buyer intent and a better chance of converting. You can do this by adding modifiers like color, size, material being used, etc.

11:55 - Break The Web has a blog focused on addressing pain points, issues, and curiosities that their ideal clients may have.

14:00 - A clean website loads quickly and functions properly, with each page having a specific intent and dedicated topical relevance. This ensures that search engines understand what the page is about. 

20:58 - Jason recommends tools dedicated to SEO and search marketing, like Ahrefs and Semrush. He also suggests using Google search to your advantage and seeing what your ideal customers might be typing. Look for similar players and competitors and replicate their framework of success.

32:03 - Jason walks us through his agency's sales process. He says that the key is to listen to the client and speak to their needs, not just what they want to hear. Set realistic expectations and be transparent about what can and cannot be achieved. He recommends the book Never Lose a Customer Again by Joey Coleman. 

44:15 - Jason loves skiing, snowboarding, flag football, and skydiving. 

Show Notes: