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The Web Growth Code Podcast

Dec 18, 2020 Notes:

This is the 4th podcast episode in our launch a podcast series with a focus on We Speak Trout.  On top of other items noted in this podcast, I talk about two services I've been using for trello and for SEO.

Trello Board Show Notes  

- You can join the Podcast challenge here and grab the 30 Steps to start your podcast.

- The Pod trac P4

- Trello

- Ubersuggest is what I've been using to bump up our search traffic at Wet Fly swing blog

- Kris Reid was on here and broke out a great SEO episode.

- Greg Senyo was on the Wet Fly Swing Podcast and is our fun fact of the week.

What we Completed last week
Created our LLC with US Federal and State government
Used Music Radio Creative to create our intro, outro and jingle
Greg is putting together more sponsors
The logo is a cartoon figure of us

Tasks this week for We Speak Trout:
Setup Trello Workflow
Uber suggest and Keyword analysis
Fish Nerds Podcast recording

Resources Noted
30 Day start a podcast challenge

This podcast is part of the start podcast challenge.

Click here to grab the PDF Podcast Transcript

Grab the PDF transcript here:  we speak 3 or read below (I apologize for any errors as this was transcribed with Ai.Trello Board Conclusion

I shed some light on where we are at with the We Speak Trout new podcast launch plan.  I note Trello and Ubersuggest, to software tools that I've been loving.

Show Notes: