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The Web Growth Code Podcast

Dec 16, 2020

Show Notes:

Nick Dunkerley from Hindenburg is on the podcast to provide some audio production tips and help you up your audio quality for your podcast.  We find out what makes Hindenburg different from other software programs like Garage Band, Audacity and Pro Tools.

Nick is the founder of Hindenburg and sheds some light and tips on producing great audio quality.  We also find out why you don’t need Id3 editor and how you can remove the mundane things that waste your time.


Show Notes with Nick Dunkerley

- Eric Nuzum’s book, Make Noise is a killer resource for any podcaster.  Eric Nuzum was on the podcast here in episode 10 as well. 

- We talk about LUFF’s and what you need to know about leveling your audio production.

- The voice profiler is a great tool on Hindenburg.

You can find Nick at Hindenburg Journalist here.

Audio Production Resources Noted in the Show

Make Noise by Eric Nuzum

Audio Production Videos Noted in the Show

Setting up the Voice Profiler


Conclusion with Nick Dunkerley

Hindenburg is designed for podcasting so it stands out as a leader in audio production.  Nick Dunkerley provides some amazing audio production tips in the podcast this week.  

Show Notes: