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The Web Growth Code Podcast

May 27, 2020

Show Notes:

Rob Walch from Libsyn shares the top no no's when starting a podcast and the top things you should be doing.  Rob always tells it as he sees it and he's typically pretty right on so listen up today.

  Find out what the number one mistake is that new podcasters make when planning the launch.  We talk about how many shows to launch with, how to get listener feedback early on and his favorite portable audio recorder. 


Show Notes with Rob Walch

Dave Jackson was on the podcast in episode 5 and talked about the School of Podcasting and launching a podcast.  

Rob notes that the file size has to be between 1400 x 1400 and 3000 x 3000 pixels and 500 kb or less. 

This video by dave Jackson shows how to check and fix the file size issue. 

I noted how similar Podbean is compared to Libsyn.  Libsyn was the original podcast hosting company which started in 2004.

Zoom, Skype and other services work for interviews.  Ecamm Call recorder with a mac for skype works well.

The Rodecaster Pro is a nice audio recorder but there may be better methods for remote recording.

David Hooper has a solo podcaster challenge on his podcast where he helps you become a solo podcaster.  Rob notes that solo podcasts are a crazy amount of time.

Today in IOS is Rob’s main solo podcast show that launched when the iphone first launched.

We talk about the ipad pro and the macBook pro and why the ipad is a killer device now.  There is no fan device.  Rob is talking on a blue yeti in this episode.

A few of the apps to record on for the ipad pro.

Rob is using a Blue Yeti while we were recording.

Duct Tape Marketing is a good example of how to get leads and utilize a podcast.


You can find Rob Walch at Today in iOS


Resources Noted in the Show

Zoom H6

Rodecaster Pro

Ipad Pro


Videos Noted in the Show

Dave Jackson video on size of a show


Conclusion with Rob Walch

Rob Walch from Libsyn and today in iOS sheds some light on why you should get into podcasting and the top reasons why podcasters fail.  Rob is one of the big voices in podcasting and shares some great stuff today including why the new ipad pro is a great device for recording.

Show Notes: