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The Web Growth Code Podcast

Jun 3, 2020

Show Notes:

I had a great chat with Mark Asquith about online marketing and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and podcaster.  Mark shares his perspective on the 10% rule and why this isn’t really a valid path for most business builders.

Find out what podcasters are doing wrong and how to avoid the hamster wheel.  We hear how some of Mark's clients have scaled their podcasts into the six figure range.  

Show Notes with Mark Asquith

Mark is the lead at which hosts and distributes podcasts.

The DC Comics podcast, Two shots to the head were the first shows that helped Mark to get going in podcasting.

Mark debunks the 10% idea and why it really does not work. 

Mark has attended every year of Podcast Movement. You have to go deep and be present. for remote recording

Keep an eye on your numbers and find out how to max out those numbers. 

You can find Mark @MrAsquith on Twitter

Resources Noted in the Show

Videos Noted in the Show

pic of mark


Find out about old school sales methods that still kill it and still sell.  Find out what sponsors really want and it’s not downloads.  How can you prove that your 1000 followers will take way more action then the largest audiences. 

Show Notes: